Orchards robbed

Cemetery used for nefarious access.

“Orchards robbed. Barefaced intruders. Clean Sweep of crops. Grafton Gully Properties.”

This dramatic headline appeared in a New Zealand Herald article 19 December 1932, above a story about how “Owners of properties bordering Grafton Gully have been experiencing great difficulty in protecting their fruit trees."

This was soon after the area had been declared a public park, (in 1929).

“During the Winter, relief workers constructed an extensive system of paths in the gully and cleared portions of undergrowth bordering on the private property. If anything the work has assisted intruders in their plan of stealing plants and fruit…”

“It is the belief of householders that the Grafton side of the gully is visited as much by those bent on stealing anything which takes their attention, as by people who are interested only in the beauty of the native bush.”

New Zealand Herald, 19 December 1932.

Back yards along Grafton Gully

  • <p>Article from New Zealand Herald, Volume LXIX, Issue 21369, 19 December 1932, Page 12.</p>
  • <p>Detail of a map of Auckland, c1886. This clearly shows the backyards of the houses along Grafton Road, bordering the cemetery. This situation did not change much until the building of the motorway in Grafton Gully.</p><p>Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries, NZ Map 374.</p>
  • <p>The full Auckland map of c1886.</p><p>Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries, NZ Map 374.</p>