Anaïs Ségalas heritage rose

Famous, and everywhere

A widely-grown rose in New Zealand, and which features on the very first pages of Nancy Steen’s famous book of roses in New Zealand, The Charm of Old Roses.

Botanica’s Roses encyclopedia describes Anaïs Ségalas as a “branching shrub of up to 1m height with very prickly gray-green stems. The foliage is light green, rounded and tidily presented all over the plant.”

The breeder of this rose could be either Jean-Pierre Vibert France or Parmentier Belgium. The variety was released in 1837.

It is named after Anais Ségalas (1814–1895) a French poet and playwright who wrote sentimental poetry, novels, short stories, and plays which were popular in her day. She is best known the didactic La Femme (1848), which reveals her support for the Société de la Voix des Femmes and other Parisian feminist organisations. Still, she stressed that a woman's sphere was at home.

Specifics of the variety

Type of rose: Gallica crossed with Centifolia

Flowers: Rich deep mauve-pink in colour, paling towards the edges. Strong fragrance.

“The flowers are each about 4cm across and beautifully formed are arranged in clusters and every petal seems to be groomed into place to create a flattish cushion with a central; green eye.” – Botanica’s Roses

Growing notes: A free-flowering, healthy rose and it does well in poor soil.

Good as a pot plant.

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