Rosa alpine (pendulina) wild rose

A tough wild rose species

A wild rose with distinctive deep purple or pink flowers with only five petals. It blooms once in spring or summer.

It is hardy and can tolerate cold temperatures – down to minus 25 degrees C.

The Swedish Rose Society recommends Rosa pendulina for northern Sweden.

From Botanica’s Roses: “The slim and flask-shaped hips are bright orange red. A good shrub where a thornless rose is wanted, giving excellent richl-coloured autumn foliage that combines nicely with the fruit.”

Specifics of the variety

Type of rose: Wild rose from Europe. First described 1789.

Flowers: The blooms are produced singly or in small groups of up to five and are deep mauve-pink with prominent creamy yellow stamens. They are produced in late spring early summer.

Growth habit: Upright, medium to tall shrub is about 1.8m tall and has reddish purple, almost thornless stems. The leaves are composed of seven to nine slightly serrated oblong leaflets dark green in colour with purple undertones.