Adelaide d’Orleans heritage rose

Named for the King's sister

Nancy Steen in The Charm of Old Roses, writes that Adelaide d’Orleans is “a rose bred in the garden of Louise Philippe, who later became king of France.

“The creamy flowers are loosely double and show the stamens, the outer petals being rose-tinted, as are the fat buds. These blooms are described by one writer as hanging in clusters like those of a Japanese cherry.”

Botanica’s Roses notes “Sempervirens roses are a result of the work of Monsieur Jacques, gardener to the Duc d’Oreans at the Chateau Neuilly, who later became King Louis Philippe of France.

Rosa sempervirens blood gives them a strong constitution.

This rose is named after Louise Marie Adélaïde Eugénie d'Orléans (1777–1847) one of the twin daughters of Philippe d'Orléans and his wife, Louise Marie Adélaïde de Bourbon.

When Louis-Philippe (Adelaide’s brother) became King of France, she was known as Madame Adélaïde. She remained his loyal advisor or ‘Egeria’ all her life. She encouraged him to accept the crown during the July revolution of 1830, and her influence continued throughout his reign.

Adelaide received painting lessons from Pierre-Joseph Redouté and produced some highly-regarded botanical studies as a result

Specifics of the variety

Type of rose: Hybrid Sempervirens

Flowers: Blush, ages to white. Some purplish flecks on the reverse edges.

Medium, very full (more than 41 petals), cluster-flowered bloom form.

Flowers offer a delicate primrose scent.

Once-blooming in spring or summer.

Growth habit: A rambler.

Growing notes: Suitable for arches or pergolas.

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