English oak

Quercus robur

Deciduous, from Europe.

The English oaks were planted to remind colonists of their northern hemisphere home countries, and to symbolize strength and continuity in their new land. They were planted in a grid, alternating with conifers.

It is possible that Andrew and William Goldie, early gardeners in the city and relatives of mayor Archibald Clark, had an involvement in planting some of the originals oaks in the cemetery.

Oaks can be self-grafting (unlike pōhutukawas). Where branches rub up against each other without too much movement, the tissue of the two branches can grow together again to form a lattice-like structure. This can work to strengthen the tree.

Oaks produce very hard and durable timber, but it can take over 100 years for the trees to be ready for harvesting.

Find the English Oak

Symonds St, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand