Knightia excelsa

Evergreen, endemic to New Zealand.

Tall thin trees, often seen poking through the forest canopy. This explains their Māori name – ‘rewa’ means elevated, also the mast of a ship.

Rewarewa have no look-alikes in the New Zealand forest. Their long serrated leaves and huge red bottlebrush flowers are unmistakable. Honeybees make a dark and rich honey from the nectar.

Rewarewa are found in the Marlborough Sounds and throughout the North Island. They are also known as ‘New Zealand honeysuckle.’ They grow in poor soils and are a New Zealand member of the Protea family.

Winged seeds are dispered by the wind.

Dark, speckled rewarewa wood is often used for decorative woodwork.

Find the Rewarewa

29-37 Karangahape Rd, Grafton, Auckland 1010, New Zealand
  • <p>Rewarewa flower.</p>