Memorials for lost graves

Anglican memorial

The on-ramp from the Symonds Street/Karangahape Road intersection to the southbound motorway, affected around 2000 graves in the Anglican section – these being in the most-favoured spot, and so containing many historically-significant graves. Some of the headstones from this section are now secured against the on-ramp retaining wall.

Anglican and Catholic remains were re-interred under memorial areas now within their respective sections of the cemetery.

The Anglican memorial carries names inscribed on black granite slabs, flanked by two panels taken from the entrance archway to the Anglican section (which was demolished in 1968).

  • <p>Memorial Wall near the grave of Hobson in the Anglican section of the Symonds Street Cemetery. This was errected in 1969, the panels inscribed with the names of those belived to have been removed during the motorway construction process. These were cremated and buried under the panels.</p>
  • <p>Due to development of the Auckland Southern Motorway during the 1960s, many bodies were moved from the Catholic cemetery and re-interred into a memorial at the cemetery. Many of Auckland's early Catholic colonists are amongst those remembered on the memorial.</p>

Catholic memorial

A large part of the Catholic section of the cemetery was lost, with also about 2000 graves removed. This permanently separated St Benedict’s Church from the cemetery it once adjoined.

The names on the Catholic Memorial are on cast bronze plates. It is interesting to see extra names as late additions to the Catholic memorial.

The memorials reflect the design sensibilities of their era (the late 1960s), and so sit in contrast to picturesque elements of the old cemeteries.