Jewish Centennial Memorial Hall

A mortuary chapel

Designed by Albert and his son John Goldwater, this structure is in the International Modernist style.

Dating from 1953 this Chapel and Mortuary replaces an earlier wooden building from the 19th century.

The new building commemorated the centennial of the first Jewish religious ceremony held in New Zealand, in 1853.

Previously, on the Symonds Street Cemetery Block there was a Jewish mortuary chapel, called Tahara House, on Karangahape Road.

This building was used after the official closure of this cemetery, for Jewish pre-funeral rituals before bodies were taken to other cemeteries for burials (see story on Jewish burial practices).

  • <p>The mortuary now sits quietly in a corner of the cemetery.</p>
  • <p>The interior of the building feature black lino panels, seperwted by bronze strips. <em>Photo courtesy Friends of Syomnds Street Cemetery Facebook page.</em></p>

Where is it?

The channel is tucked up in the NW corner of the Jewish section of the cemetery.